Privacy Policy

Your privacy is extremely important to us.

Our business is compliant with Australian privacy law. We will keep your information secure and not pass it on to any third parties. Any information provided to Finny’s Scorebooks in the course of business is solely for that purpose and is not used for any further purpose or with any third parties. You can receive direct marketing information from us, and can choose to opt out of receiving this information by unsubscribing. We will retain some data for our own internal analysis on customer tastes, purchases and geographic spread but that will not identify any customers specific, and will remain private within Finny’s Scorebooks. Any such information is stored securely and privately offline. No customer financial information is retained by Finny’s Scorebooks.Finny’s Scorebooks maintains up to date, industry standard security software and secure payment systems. Transactions are encrypted using the Stripe payments system.

As with any website, Google Analytics, Google AdSense and other analytics and ad serving networks track website visitors using ‘cookies’. These ‘cookies’ allow the collection of personally identifiable information from website visitors.

If you have a complaint, please contact us immediately and we’ll address the issue promptly.